Blokket | The Latest Advance in Cell Phone Etiquette

cell phone reception blocker pouch

More and more, when two people are in a room, at a dinner, or even in bed, they are actually engaging in a ménage à trois (or quatre). That’s because one or both people also happen to be on their cell phones.

I’m not judging. I’m guilty of this. More so than ever, I’m ashamed to admit.

Luckily, great problems breed great innovations.

Introducing the Blokket: a stylish pouch that blocks all cell reception and hides your phone from view. Blokket’s founder, Chelsea Briganti, explains that this little silver pouch works wonders, “help[ing] people engage in the present moment by providing interludes of relief from technology.” How much will the Blokket set you back? $About $30 dollars, but its founders claim that it will improve your health and relationships (priceless).

Of course, you could simply turn off your phone, or put it on airplane mode, or exercise self-control and simply not use it when you’ve got company, but that would be too easy. Part of me wants to mock this product, but the other part of me is sadly aware that this is the world we live in these days.

As writers, this could come in handy if you’re having trouble prying yourself away from your cell phone to write.

So whether or not you decide to buy the Blokket (and please let me know if you do), remember that powering down isn’t just about freeing yourself from your email,  Instagram, and the web at large, it’s also a show of respect for the person across from you. Your iPhone may be sexy, but end that ménage à trois. the It’s time to get monogamous again with the humans in your life.


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