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Obscure Collective Nouns for a Worship of Writers

Back in the 15th Century, collective nouns were all the rage. The system, which assigns a different word for “group” depending on the animal being referred to, was the brainchild of English hunters who wanted to distinguish each of their … Continue reading

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The Whole 9 Yards – Etymology of English Idioms + Puns

When word sleuths go digging for the origin of our favorite puns, idioms and catchphrases, literature is usually a good starting point. (Joseph Heller coined Catch-22 in a novel of the same name; “absence makes the heart grow fonder” was … Continue reading

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Save the Word: Boreism [Andy Warhol: I Like Boring Things]

Boreism noun: behavior of a boring person; the condition of being a bore. Andy Warhol once said, “I like boring things,” which makes sense, considering one of the most iconic images of his career was the Campbell soup can. However, … Continue reading

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Save the Word: Magastromancy

Magastromancy noun: magical astrology In light of all the hoopla surrounding the supposed new Zodiac signs, here’s a word for us to save that is completely on point: magastromancy, which means magical astrology. The interesting point here is that when … Continue reading

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Save the Word: Latibule

Noun.  Hiding place. Take a moment and remember the latibule that preserved a family and the heroes that crafted it.  Please click here to see and experience Anne Frank’s Secret Annex, which she wrote about so honestly and eloquently in … Continue reading

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Save the Word: Pregnatress

pregnatress noun 1. female power that generates or gives birth to something 2. someone who gives birth to new ideas, thoughts and projects  

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Save the Words: A New Write In Color Project

As many of you know, Write In Color is a big fan of vocabulary.  Big.  So, I was very disturbed to find out that hundreds of poor, harmless, defenseless words are getting dropped from our language on a yearly basis.  … Continue reading

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